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NTrak ‐ GRVS NTrak Show Checklist

The following are items the participant MUST bring for each module:

  • The module owner MUST provide and bring ALL these items to the show. To be fair to others – please bring all items on check-list.
  • These items should be marked as to who the ‘owner’ is. A permanent marker works well on most items. Color coding your items work well too, especially on smaller items like rail cars and locomotives.

Module Requirements: Module must conform to minimum N-Trak modular standards. Before a new module (or heavily modified module) can be put into the layout, it must be checked by one of the Module Superintendents. Modules that have already previously been checked and have not been modified do not need to be rechecked.

An N-Trak Booklet that describes the standard is available from the N-Trak website

GRVS modules must include a white line to distribute low voltage DC for use by our throttles. There should be nothing electrical connected to the white line on any module.

GRVS requires Powerpoles as the mechanism for connecting the wiring between modules. Many clubs still use Cinch-Jones plugs and sockets. Since Cinch-Jones plugs was the N-TRAK standard, module owners who use power poles on their modules are obligated to provide CJ to powerpole adapters. CJ-PP adapters should be no longer than six inches.

  • Have all flangeways clear of ballast and turnouts working properly.
  • Check wheel gauge and couplers. Try your engines and long cars to be sure everything operates and that you have the proper clearances.
  • Have your controls working, clearly marked, and color coded.
  • Your scenery should look so great that you don't have to apologize!


If you plan to enter your module in a contest, it may have to be in the contest room for judging. If so, you should furnish a three track bridge so the layout can operate while your module is being judged. Work with your layout coordinator on this.

Connecting Track: Bring at least 6 of the Atlas 5 inch sectional tracks is per module.

Curtain: Curtain must cover entire open space below each module. GRVS recommended practices (RP) is that the curtain be the GRVS green color. GRVS does have a supply of the green material that can be used to make curtains. Please see Mike Wielenberg if you wish to purchase this material at a discounted price. It is a GRVS recommended practice to use Velcro as the method to fasten the curtain to the module. Apply the hook side to the front of the module and the loop side to the curtain. This enables the show coordinator to possibly put a GRVS banner in place of a curtain if your module is the best place to display the banner.

Clamps: 2 C-Clamps must be provided with each module. “Deep Reach” type is recommended.

Crowd Control Barrier: A barrier pole or stanchion to allow a rope to be held in front of module at 38 inch height. A bucket (coffee can) with concrete and a pole is one approach. The stanchion must allow members access to space between the rope and module – -- to be able to walk around layout inside of the barrier.

Power cords: GRVS has a need to provide AC power to specific locations in a layout, primarily to run the power supplies that run trains. Generally module owners should not mount any AC power cords on modules but should depend on power supplies that can reach an outlet in a multi-tap cord running around under the layout, usually on the floor. Work with your layout coordinator to determine if you need to bring power cords or power strips to the show.

GRVS Name Badge: This should be self-explanatory

Rolling Stock: Cars and engines all marked for easy identification with your personal code. An inventory list can be a big help. Don't leave engines on the layout overnight or on a siding in easy reach during the show. Be very watchful of your things during tear down. Security is lax then, and, in the confusion, things can disappear.

Tools: Necessary tools to be self-sufficient at the train show. These typically include:

  • Re-railer
  • Bright boy or rail cleaning car
  • Flat head and Philips screwdrivers
  • Jewelers screw drivers
  • Small needle nose pliers
  • Modeling knife
  • Rail cutters
  • Extra rail joiners
  • Insulated rail joiners
  • Extra joiner track (5inch atlas track)

Other helpful items

  • Battery powered drill (bits and tips)
  • Flash light
  • Level
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Dremel (and bits)
  • Multi-meter
  • Soldering Iron (and solder/flux)
  • Extra track spikes
  • Glue
  • Duct/Masking Tape
  • Paper/pencil
  • Extra Wire and Cinch and/or powerpole connectors
  • Goo Gone liquid track cleaner
  • Paper towels or rag(s)

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