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This is a list of non-standard tools used by or created by members of GRVS. Non-standard tools are those that are available in hobby shops or hardware stores that are not generally used in model railroading but are found to be useful regardless.

Dental Tools -- Rather than buying a bunch of carving tools for scenery, ask your dentist if he/she has any old tools about to be thrown out. Many dentists are happy to give them a new home.

NTRAK/TTRAK Module Building Tools -- Walt has created a few tools for laying track on new modules.
#1- NTRAK-Edge-Lay    Precisely positions all three tracks from the front edge of an NTrak module
#2- NTRAK-End-Lay    Positions the end of the track from the side of a module; if the track laid is too close to the edge, this jig will also help in trimming the track to specifications
#3- TTrak-Lay    Positions the track for a TTrak module.
#4- NTRAK-Lay    Includes #1 and #2 above, two pieces
#5- Track-Edge    Combines NTrak and TTrak spacing, #1 and #3 on one tool.
#6- Trak-Lay    Includes #3 and #5, two pieces
#7- NTrak-Gap-Jig    Measures the gap between modules to choose the perfect connector track. It also measures connector pieces for a perfect fit. Also available in Slim format

These can be seen at Walt's Shapeways Shop