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About TTrak

GRVS follows the TTrak standard. Information about the TTrak standard is available from the TTrak website.

Over the years, GRVS members were slow to the concept of TTrak modules, but one of the members took the idea to the members and built an entire layout of TTrak modules. Since then, the concept of TTrak modules has taken off. Many GRVS members have both NTrak and TTrak modules. GRVS brings TTrak to many of the one day shows and some two day shows.

TTrak is international and, as the logo and slogan indicate, for most running equipment. TTrak uses n-scale Kato track. TTrak modules are simple to build, easily joined together with locking track for electrical power, according to standards, like all successful systems, for strength, lasting stability and varying in sizes to suit your needs. An entire layout could fit in most cars for a train show or club meeting. One or two modelers can set up a display layout at a hospital-service people or children's ward, retirement or nursing home, scouts, youth groups and not to forget, your private empire, at home. A 30" wide x 6' or 8' long folding table, holds many modules. Just add tables for your club or friends.

TTrak typically has the two track, 25 mm track original spacing, and a the new alternate 33mm track spacing. Our club uses the 33mm alternate track spacing. Sidings, yards, different lengths and depths of bases are possible. The size is not restrictive.

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    Show Checklist and Tasklist (PDF)